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    Extrasensual Perception

    If a stalker doesn’t kill them, the heat between them might.

    Christopher Vincent is desperate enough for a job that he accepts an offer to entertain as a psychic in a friend’s nightclub….

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    Perception Extra-Sensuelle

    Si un harceleur ne les tue pas, la chaleur qui règne entre eux pourrait bien le faire.

    Christopher Vincent a tellement besoin d’un travail qu’il accepte de devenir médium pour divertir…

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    Twice Bitten

    With a new species of vampire stalking the streets, the stakes are high. But that’s not the only reason hearts are on the line.

    Danny Reynolds thought Kieran McCade was the one—true love…

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Extra-Sensual Perception Book Trailer

I have a brand new book trailer for Extra-Sensual Perception. Check it out below!

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